Sunday, August 23, 2009

Challenge Drawing

Hi Ladies!

I am back from the CKC convention and I am tired to say the least. The deadline for the monthly challenge is now closed. To make this a little bit more exciting I have decided to assign each challenge entry a number. The number was assigned according to when you entered your layout or card. So for example Jokima is 1 because her layout was the first entry. Some of you had more than one entry so you will have more than one number assigned to you thus increasing your chance of winning. Here goes:

1- Joakima (It's a boy)
2- Joakima (Moments)
3- Lailani (Sassy)
4- Sandy (Active)
5- Stopnstare(Halloween)
6- Sandy (For You)
7- Tocarra (Blue Jeans)
8- Sandy (Best Cousins)
9- Sandy (Happy Birthday)
10- Sandy (Oops)
11- Pam (U Rock)
12- Cyndy (Thank You)
13- Sandy (Butterflies)

The drawing will be a randown number drawing with the number being selected via the randow drawing widget located at the bottom of my blog so everyone has an equal chance of winning. Check back tommorow to see if you are a winner. Good Luck!


Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. Have a blessed day!