Monday, October 12, 2009

What are digital stamps

Hi all,

Since my gift for this month's challenge is a digital stamp, I am reposting this info on digis, hope this helps :-)

Recently I have discovered a new love for stamps, no not postage or mounted stamps; I am talking about digital stamps. You may ask, what exactly is a "digital" stamp? Digital stamps are simply images that you can purchase and download from the internet and they are awesome! It’s an instant gratification, how is that? Well because all you have to do is find the stamp you want, load it in your cart, checkout and there you have your image! Plus there is no shipping involved, how great is that?!! They are so much cheaper than the mounted or even unmounted stamps that we purchase at the craft stores. I get so tired of going into the stores to buy stamps for them not to have what I really want and then I just settle for what they have, but not anymore! What else makes them so great??? You can print a digital stamp in any size you need for your project. Simply purchase the image(s) you want, open the image in your favorite program and resize it to the size you want.

Maybe you would like the use just part of an image or flip it for mirrored image, to easy with a digital stamp. Want to add color? Simply print and color or use your favorite image editing software to color and print. Digital stamps take up no extra space because they are stored on your computer. Simply keep a file on your computer and there they are whenever you need them. There are so many great uses for digital stamps. In the coming weeks I will be posting ideas and samples to show just what you can do with a digital stamp.

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