Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Kit

Hello again,

Attached are photos of the 2 kits that were mailed off on today. As said earlier they are not fantastic, to die for kits, they are just something I put together for this challenge. It gets to be expensive buying for 12 or more kits....lol. If you signed up and didnt get one its because you didnt provide me with your address which means you didn't check in often...LOL. I am sorry you missed this opportunity, but please come back and play along again.

Here are the kits:
Kit 1

Kit 2

As I said before, they are not fancy kits but its a start.


You MUST to use the items provided in this kit, you can add to but you cannot take from. In the end, make it yours. When you are done, upload your creation to this site for all to see. It was my intent to get these mailed out the first week in December but I didnt have everyone addy's so it went out a few days late, therefore the deadline for the challenge is December 25th, Christmas Day!! The winner will be chosen that day and their gift mailed out the following day (if post office is open).

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.


  1. very nice cardstock where did you get it

  2. I emailed you my address but I never got a response back from you so I'm just checking to see if I am in this or not??? Been checking in just in case. Looks like a fun kit! I'll be back to see everyones beautiful work!

  3. OHHHHHH! I am very excited about this one! Thanks SHE SHE!!!!

  4. Hello all, I am glad that you all are so excited about this challenge. I am sure you guys will create some beautiful layouts.

    Yes Cyndy, I did get your address:-).

  5. Love those kits but I wish to have the brown paper! LOL! And I hope I already have my pouch along with the kit! Hahaha! Excited for this challenge!

  6. Jeanna I am not sure which kit you got, but I did put your pouch and flowers in your package.....lol


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