Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Undertaking......

I cannot believe 2013 is almost gone!  I am ready to usher in the new year and I thank God for allowing me and my family to see another year.  Every year I endeavor to add something new to my crafty repertoire. This year I am undertaking Project Life!  I have given it much thought and I am really excited about it!!!  I initially thought I would do it monthly but after giving it more thought I have decided to try weekly.  I have 3 adorable grandkids so there will be a LOT of material to work with.  

There is SO much information floating around the web on PL and so many different styles, at first I was overwhelmed with what papers to use, to embellish or not emebellish, etcc.. so I finally decided my style will be clean and SIMPLE.  After all thats what PL is about right?  I do enough embellishing on my 12x12 pages so lets keep PL simple, after all, its suppose to be about life right?  

I am so excited about the thought of looking back at this album one day and remembering things and events I would have otherwise forgotten.  

Well this is my PLAN lets see how it works.  I realize this will be a learning curve for me so I expect to hit some bumps along the way, but hey, its going to be fun trying it out.  Have a blessed year all!


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