Monday, August 10, 2009

Is it Monday Already?!

Hello everyone,

Just checking to see how everyone is doing. I hope your day/week is off to a great start. My week started with class on today. I started my Master's Program on today and after looking at the work due for week 1 I am asking myself "what did I get myself into?" LOL. But by the grace of God I will get through it.

I am also excited because I am going to the Creative Keepsakes Convention next weekend! This will be my first one and to say I am excited is an understatement! I am so looking forward to learning new things to bring back and share with each of you.

Well I guess I have rambled long I also wanted to share a couple of my lastest creations with you.

Have a blessed week!

This is my granddaughter Amiyah, this layout was done for a challenge over at

My daughter and her "friend" LOL

and last but not least my all time favorite card. Look closely at the front of the card and you will notice the flap cover. Its great!


  1. Congrats SheShe!!! I am very proud of you for following your dreams!!!!

  2. Thanks Pam! Its tough but hey anything worth having always is right :-)


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